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The XJ spawned competitors as other automakers began to notice that this Jeep design began replacing regular cars. It also began to supplant the role of the station wagon and “transformed from truck to limousine in the eyes of countless suburban owners. The XJ is a “significant link in the evolution of the 4×4. Jeep XJ one of the 20 greatest cars of all time — for its design, and “possibly the best SUV shape of all time, it is the 2005 jeep grand cherokee service manual pdf download pdf model to which other designers have since aspired”.

Cherokee name revival in the U. S-10-based Blazer, AMC decided to develop an entirely new four-door model in addition to a two-door version. Quadra-Link” suspension, that limited rollovers. 4WD vehicles and reduced the weight of the new model.

It “is noteworthy as the first nonmilitary 4×4 with unibody construction. The unconventional design enhanced XJ’s durability and off-road capability that eventually won over most critics, even those models with the early underpowered GM engines. The XJ is described “as the first small crossover SUV in the U. Although the XJ models had just been introduced, AMC quickly began development of its successor. To compete against its much larger rivals, the smallest U. The pioneering PLM was so effective that after Chrysler purchased AMC in 1987, it expanded the system throughout its own enterprise. XJ Jeep as “a real 4×4 icon” and one of the “few truly great cars which, despite being left behind by newer models, still offer fresh and urgent possibilities.

Cars which become more relevant the older they get. Both two- and four-door versions of the XJ Cherokee were offered throughout its lifetime, each having exactly the same track and wheelbase measurements. Two-door models, however, received longer doors and front seats that could fold forward to assist in rear passenger entry and exit. This was in addition to extended-length rear windows that did not open, although an optional rear vent window was available on some models.

Wagoneer name before this point. The compact XJ Wagoneer was available in two trim levels: the “Wagoneer” and the “Wagoneer Limited”. Both Wagoneers were distinguished from the Cherokee models from 1983 to 1985 by a slightly different grille and a smaller “Jeep” emblem offset to the driver’s side. The Wagoneer Limited came with vinyl wood trim on the sides and leather seats embossed with “Limited”.